お問い合わせ前に 営業カレンダー・注意事項・詳細 をご確認下さい。

Terms and Conditions

There are a few notes about the experience in SHA-RAKU, so please read them here before participating.

General Information

We use genuine Japanese style bows and arrows.They aren’t designed for kids and not a toy.

Please follow our instructions.
※It’s often thought as simple and easy to play with, but it can be dangerous. We will not take any responsibility for injury caused by NOT FOLLOWING RULES.

Bringing your own equipment is not allowed.

We don’t accept only observing the facility or equipment.Please make a reservation for observation as well.

Please ask for permission beforehand if you are planning to make recordings for commercial use, coverage or promotion.We may ask you to leave if we consider your behavior as nuisance.

About Facility

No restrooms.

No car parks.Please use public parkings in neighborhood.

No elevators

Please take your shoes off to enter

No smoking.Please do not enter the facility just after smoking.

Advance Preparation

Please sanitize your hands before handling the equipment.

You cannot enter before your booking time, especially if there are previous guests.

Changing / extending the booking may not be possible depending on the booking situation.

If you are late for the reserved time without notice and we get new guests at the same time, we will prioritize the new guests.

Food and drinks are allowed inside but eating or drinking during the experience is not allowed.

We will refuse overdrunk guests.

Agreements and Understandings

All-you-can-shoot time is from entering to leaving the facility.

Children under 10 years old are not allowed to use bows by themselves even with their guardians. We’ll assist them to shoot.

If there are a few children, they have to shoot in turns as each child needs assistance.

Accompaniment by guardians required for underaged guests.Guardians need to understand how to handle the equipment as well.

There is no changing room. The Kyudo outfits can be put over top of your clothing, so thin garments with no puffy hemlines and pants are recommended.

Please note that depending on your bone structure or the way you pull the bow, bowstring may  cause injury or bruise on your arms, elbows or wrists.

Please contact us in advance in case you have any injuries on your upper body, arms or hands. We may decline the booking depending on the severity of them.

Please let us know beforehand if any of the attendants have physical or intellectual disabilities. Depending on the grade, they may not be able to participate.

Please do not draw a bow with no arrows set as it may cause breakage or injuries.

Please try to use our outfits or equipment cleanly. Wiping sweat or nose, and scratch face or head with the rented items are prohibited.

Refund Policy

Please pay attention to the fact there will be no refund if the terms and conditions are not followed. No refund for downgrading during the experience.

Cancellation Policy

No refund if canceled on the day or the day before your reservation due to your personal reasons.Please remit your payment to the designated bank account.

About Compensation

Any damage and breakage of the institution or equipment caused by intentional or inattentive behavior will be charged compensation with current price.